Welcome to a webpage of Vojtěch Šimetka



Hi I am a final year undergraduate student at the University of Brno, Czech Republic.

Curriculum Vitae


2013 - Present Masters of Computer Graphic and Multimedia,
Faculty of Information Technology,
Brno University of Technology, Brno.
2010 - 2013 Bachelor of Computer Science,
Faculty of Information Technology,
Brno University of Technology, Brno.
2005 - 2010 Graduate with distinction,
Mendel's Grammar School,

Work experience

2014 Summer Student,
2012 - Present Graphic Designer, Typesetter, IT consultant,
INGE Opava, Ltd.
2012 - Present Deputy Chief of Summer Camp,
Tvůj Tábor.


2014 Best Educational App Award,
CERN Summer Student Webfest.
2013 Dean’s award,
Bachelor Thesis.
2008 Competed in International round,
International Young Physicists’ Tournament.
2007 Honourable Mention,
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics.

Special prize in Physics,
International Conference of Young Scientists.


Czech Mothertongue
English Advanced (C1)
First Certificate in English, Grade A
Embassy Certificate of English, levels 4 to 6


This is a list of the projects I've made during my studies or in my free time. Some of them are published online so go check them out.


2014 Michelson Interferometer Simulator
Simulates interference rings in Michelson Interferometer.
2013 Apartments manager for real estate brokers
Demonstration of temporary, spacial and multimedia databases.

The Anthill Strategy Game
Bachelor's thesis, Multi-agent strategy game.


2014 3D Reconstruction of Historic Landmarks from Flickr Pictures
Master's thesis.

Optimizing of the CMS DQM framework at CERN.

Aggregation of Flow data
Performance optimized single thread flow data aggregation and sorting.

Image Conventer
Multiple format image converter using OpenCV.
2013 Vector Image Editor
Simple vector image editor using OpenGL and QT.


2011 Imperative Language Interpreter
Interpreter of a subset of lua language.


2014 Child Diary
An easy to use diary for multiple children from their first day.


I love computer graphics and after years of not designing I've started again. These are my latest designs.

With Alexandra DeMaio we've designed the 2014 CERN Summer student T-shirts.

These designs were used by THE Port organization and one of them is painted on their building at CERN.

As a part of my school project I've designed several T-shirts addressing some of the worlds problems. You can download the designs for free and print them yourself or use them anywhere you want.