My goal is to advance the human knowledge and quality of life through science and technology. My dream is to improve the form of expressing complex scientific ideas by easy to understand, minimalistic art style.

Work Experience

CERN Software Developer
10/2015 - 11/2016 Geneva, CH

Member of a configuration and layout section helping to create and maintain documentation in form of pictures and drawings for all current machines.

  • Specifying, designing, developing and maintaining system for 360° panoramic images to reduce radiation exposure (Java, Spring, HTML, Javascript, Oracle DB)
  • Capturing images in the supervised and controlled radiation areas, processing, stitching and uploading to a DB system (Lightroom, Photoshop, Kolor Autopano)
  • Adapting system for production of layout drawings to needs of LHC, designing version control schema and providing support (VBA, Git)
  • Generating LHC layout drawings (VBA, CATIA, SmarTeam, Oracle DB)
  • Day-to-day support and cooperation with different sections in CERN
INGE IT Consultant
2012 - 09/2015 Opava, CZ

External consultant inspecting the IT system and processes while obtaining university degree.

  • Designing and creating interactive product catalogue for iPad (iBooks Author)
  • Auditing IT systems and processes
  • Analyzing needs and creating specification for new website
  • Developing internal product database system (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript)
  • Specifying, communicating and overseeing development of database system with DIAL GmbH
CERN Summer Internship
06/2014 - 08/2014 Geneva, CH

10 weeks of morning physics and computing lectures, afternoon work optimising the CMS experiment software and networking evenings with the brightest students from around the world.

  • Creating an automated system to profile DQM workflows. The profiling results were available in a automatically generated website (IgProf, Valgrind, Bash).
  • Profiling and optimising the Data Quality Monitoring (DQM) Software of the CMS experiment (C++). [report] [presentation]
  • Proposing a set of good practices to be followed by non-IT contributors.


THE Port Coach, Web Developer
10/2015 - Present Geneva, CH

Volunteer organizing humanitarian hackathons which aims to solve current humanitarian and human rights problem with technology.

  • Coaching multicultural teams of 8-15 members in the preparation phase, during the hackathon and after the event with aim to create commercial solution
  • Developing new website with DB system to automate content creation (Wordpress, MySQL)
Tvůj Tábor Organiser, Camp leader
2008 - 2014 Brno, CZ

Volunteer organizing summer camps for children.

  • Communication with authorities, parents and camp leaders
  • Guiding children aged 6-15 during 2 weeks period


Giveth Humanitarian project

An open-source Ethereum based system to transform the incentive structures around donations. It is a collection of a modular smart contracts that can be used to connect donors and recipients.

Chain Safe Humanitarian project

Open and integrated platform for medical product monitoring that collect and share the information needed to detect fraud, reduce costs, and save lives.

Particles Educational game

Explaining experimental particle physics through game modelling CERN accelerator complex. [pitch]

Blind Navigation Humanitarian project

Outdoor navigation system for people with visual imparement using open data and custommade belt to indicate directions through vibrations.

Publications & Theses


3D Reconstruction of Historic Landmarks from Flickr Pictures [EN]
09/2015 Brno, CZ

The thesis describes an application which aims to reconstruct a 3D model given a set of 2D images also called bundle adjustment. The thesis discusses the 3D reconstruction pipeline and elaborates on each step. It also presents results of our implementation up to a pose estimation and sparse point cloud.

Multi-Agent Strategy Game over Ants [EN]
06/2013 Brno, CZ

The thesis describes challenges in design and development of a multi-agent real-time strategy game. The resulting game implements, apart from features and game control which can be found in nowadays RTS games, three different levels of artificial intelligence in which each unit is an agent.

Electro-Magnetically Tuneable Filter [EN][CS]
2007 Opava, CZ

The objective of the essay was to design a simple filter based on properties of photonic structures tuneable by electromagnet. Compared to temperature-tuned filter, filter tuned by electric field has several advantages like speed of tuning or transmittance.

Graphics & Design

Pencil Drawings
Vector Graphics